Wedding proposal concept. Young couple have dating at sun set. Man in love is kneeling on knees and giving wedding ring to surprised woman.but the word of the Lord endures forever.” And this is the word that was preached to you. I Peter 1:25 NIV

Buying the ring. It’s probably one of the most important and difficult decisions that a guy makes in his life as it relates to purchasing something of great value. She is worth the most valuable and beautiful diamond ring in the world, but most guys don’t have that much money. The purchase of the ring represents the the highest value that exists between the love that is shared together. It’s created to last through and beyond the marriage.

The message of God’s love story of Jesus redemption of mankind as found within the Bible is of greater value than a diamond ring and it will last forever into eternity. There are people born every day and every minute that have never heard of the precious name of Jesus. They have no idea of the treasure of salvation that awaits them…until someone shares the good news with them. You could be that person to reveal how a person can be set free from the bondage of sin and receive new life in Christ.

Pastors will stand in the pulpit today to share a message they believe they have received from God. They hope the words they share are the right ones with power and life. Let’s come into agreement of prayer for them. “Father, may your Word transform them first in humility and boldness. Then God, let them share in power the word that has the ability to “cut us to the heart”. Let their message be clear of it’s value and weightiness to transform us into the image of Christ. Forgive us for judging and complaining about them. May the Pastor use every word that appropriately fits the eternal value of the good news that they share. Holy Spirit put the fire of God in their hearts and mouths that brings cleansing, forgiveness and revelation of Your love. Amen”

As followers of Jesus, you carry this treasure, the message of Jesus, with you wherever you go. May you be blessed with power from on high to follow the Holy Spirit to “pop the question” to those you meet. “Have you heard the good news? Jesus loves you!” Be ready to unwrap the priceless treasure of personal knowledge that you carry with you as an adopted child of God.

Every time you talk about Jesus, it humbles you that the gift was shared to you by someone else. You realize that you were undeserving to receive the goodness that comes from God, but the good news of Jesus’ love story found you. And NOW you get to introduce Jesus to someone else.

Be a good steward of the message by sharing it often. Be a good student of the message by presenting it clearly. Be a good child for the message by obeying it’s direction for life. Be a good example of the message by living its transforming qualities. Be a good soldier of the message by going wherever you are invited to share. Be a good lover of the message by cherishing the value that has been entrusted to you.

Blessing Love y’all