slide-23-towel-and-sandalsHe is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. John 1:27

One day every tongue will confess

Every knee shall bow before the king

Those who are God’s children

Will join with the angels and sing


Today I have a choice to make

Freely surrender who I am

Do I follow my own path

Will I submit to the Lamb


Jesus washed the disciples feet

A servant’s role on full display

I don’t mind if Jesus serves me

My needs are many, I say


When do I bend my life

When are my hands close to His feet

Not theories and philosophies

Dust and dirt my hands shall meet


This position of serving

Is hard on the back and knees

Most of the time its unnoticed

No one cares, no one sees


Serving Jesus can be messy

Recognizing Him is the key

Interrupts my time and schedule

Helping others, what about Me


My hands are dirty

There is sweat on my brow

There is a smell of Jesus

Near the ground, I find it now


Jesus gives me lots of chances

To bend in service to others

Don’t fail to miss His presence

To bow before His sisters and brothers