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Corrie ten Boom survived the WWII holocaust concentration camps of Adolf Hitler. Daily she and her sister lived with the thought of death. Her sister died in camp, Corrie lived. Her faith in Jesus during that time and afterwards have inspired many to trust their lives to God


Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare (unknown)

    and from the deadly pestilence (known). Psalm 91:3 NIV

Known – there is a COVID19 pandemic wreaking havoc all across our world.

Unknown – you don’t know who has the virus with whom you have had contact.

You go to the grocery store and the person behind you coughs. What thoughts flash through your mind? You know where you have been, but you have no knowledge of who that person has been around. Our medical teams know the risks of working with COVID19 patients, yet they try to help them not knowing if they will be a patient in the coming week. We are bombarded daily with both known and unknown risks.

The Psalmist is unpacking more of the benefits of those who are dwelling in the care and shadow of the Almighty. He is convinced that God will address both the unknown plans of the enemy and the known dangers of a plague. There are benefits to being God’s children.

The fowler’s snare is a trap that a bird walks into thinking that his surroundings are safe. Typically the trapper will use a bait to draw the bird in, and then the trap captures the bird. By the time the trap captures the bird, it is helpless to free itself. He walks into danger oblivious to the harm that is about to befall him.

God’s protection for His children from the fowler’s snare has two primary outlets. First, there is a protection that comes by following God’s instructions for life. When a person follows God’s principles as outlined in the Bible, many traps and snares are avoided.

His word tells us to owe no one but to love them. Debt creates a slavery of misery and fear. If we stay out of debt, we will avoid many fears that come with owing money to the lender.  His word instructs us to learn to control our appetite through fasting and controlling our greed. Failure to follow this principle opens our lives to a host of medical conditions and makes a strong path for debilitating addictions. Following God’s principles for self-control can protect you from snares that are set to trap your physical and emotional bodies.

Second, Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth. We’ve been given a Helper who can give us moment by moment assistance to steer us away from making wrong steps. Once the King of Syria was pursuing the armies of Israel by setting traps, but he could not find them. When he asked how it was possible for the armies to continue to evade him, he was told of the prophet Elisha whose God was directing them and keeping them from harm. (2 Kings 6:8-14). That same God is the one we can call Abba, Father. He will guide you away from the traps of the enemy.

The deadly pestilence. Sadly, there may be Christian relatives and friends that die from this virus. We live in a broken and cursed world and sometimes we lose ones we love to cancer and other plagues. It is sad for anyone who dies from this virus. As a whole, those who follow God are healthier, happier and live longer. It is God’s favor that rests upon His children that keep them well. 

This favored condition has its foundation in the Great Exchange. Jesus who was sinless, took on our sins and curses and died. He took the full payment of death that our sin deserves. When He rose again from the dead, He exchanged our penalty for His blessing. With authority, He imparts a favored right standing before God to those who become His followers. All the blessings and favor that God spoke to Abraham are now available to all of God’s children through faith. Those blessings include health, read Deuteronomy 28 for a list of the blessings and curses. Through Jesus and only through His life, we are hidden in Him so that we can receive these blessings and avoid the curses.

It’s also important to remember that God accepted Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. Jesus secured all authority in heaven and earth. Everything is under His rule and reign, including the COVID19 virus. By faith, we ask for the virus to be minimized in its impact, and we pray for “aha” revelations to cure and treat the virus. Finally, we assume a broken and contrite heart attitude toward our Father who loves us and has promised to take care of us. He is God and we are not. Healing follows humbling.

God is big enough and wise enough to deliver us from the unknown and the known. As a Father, He loves to bless His children.

Blessings Love y’all