4083807851_c66b9943f0My tears flow endlessly; they will not stop until the LORD looks down from heaven and sees. Lamentations 3:49-50 NLT. 

Tears were not created only for the need of your eyes to replenish the dryness, although water has many healing properties. Like a kettle starting to boil, the pressure has to escape somewhere; so also your tears can feel uncontrollable as they well up. 

Your heart can only hold so much pain, hurt, loneliness, confusion, betrayal, and the uncertain ending of relief. When just one of your tears hit the ground, I hear it as the sound of a mighty waterfall. 

It is not a sign of weakness. It is not the frailty of uncontrollable emotions. Yes it is true that some cry more easily than others. You don’t have to apologize. Appreciate the uniqueness of expressing the mystery of emotions leaking out.

I know this pain as even the world grew dark during the death of my Son. The world trembled as all time focused on the pain endured in one moment. My Son endured shame, the whole world’s fear of hiding their sins from Me, and the brunt of My wrath that is deserved for the guilty sinners.

Know this today. I AM near. Your pain is not so dark that I cannot see you. Your tears on your face are a reminder of how close I am to you, for I created them. I love You and I WILL walk with you through this time. I am looking directly at your pain and I see you. Hear My words of truth.

Whispers from your Father, God

Blessings, Love y’all.