th (89)If you’re holding on to sin, put it far away, and don’t let injustice live in your tent. Then you will be able to show your face without being ashamed, and you will be secure and unafraid. Job 11:14-15 GOD’s Word Translation

“Don’t eat the chocolate while we are gone”, we told our children. When we returned, we instantly knew that they had not followed our directions. Children have a funny way of trying to hide disobedience. They will make distraction with conversation or try to act super sweet. They try to hide their disobedience, because of the fear of discipline. We are not super smart parents, it’s just easy to see the leftover candy wrappers that were not put away in the trash.

Do you have hidden and unconfessed sins? These sins become doorways for the enemy to use to create fear, stress and anxiety in your life.  One lie has to have another lie to keep the first lie believable and so on and so on. The solution is to come clean about your sin and turn away from doing wrong.

This is not about being perfect and never sinning. It means that we move quickly toward asking for forgiveness when we violate God’s principles for godly living. When I have been unkind to my wife, things are not peaceful and right until I humble myself and ask her to forgive me. The same is true when we ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit and continue down our path of selfish living. Our relationship with God is stunted until we repent and ask for a clean heart and right spirit with Him.

Fear not Friday is understanding where the source of fear is when it is coming toward us. Holding on to sin is an open doorway for fear. Some common issues include telling “small” lies, stealing items from work, cheating on taxes, making concessions for addictions like pornography or drugs, being driven by envy and greed, harboring hatred and unforgiveness, judging others, turning away from engaging in injustice.

Allowing for the continuation of these activities and others in our lives is welcoming them to stay within our tents. We need to be diligent to make these sins and others unwelcome in our home and lives. Stop harboring sin to be free of fear of discipline,

Close the door to fear of unconfessed sin by choosing to engage in humility and confession. When we are innocent and pure, there is no room for fear of being “found out” in our lives. We don’t have to work hard at getting rid of this type of fear, it doesn’t stick to a pure and cleansed life.

On this Fear Not Friday, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into wholeness and purity by exposing hidden and unconfessed sins. Your heart will be glad that you threw out the junk that has been harassing you. Your face will shine without shame.

Blessing Love y’all