who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, Psalm 103:4 NIV

 I know that my Redeemer lives
 And now I stand on what He did
 My Savior, my Savior lives
 Every day a brand new chance to say
 Jesus, You are the only way
 My Savior, my Savior lives - Desperation Band “My Savior Lives” 

Micah and I had lunch yesterday and we talked a lot about the political world in which we are living. It is really important to be able to listen generationally. At the bottom of the conversation is an attempt to seek a governmental structure that ensures a just way of living for all of its citizens. The problem always boils down to the brokenness and depravity of mankind. Greed, control, hunger for power and selfishness find ways to hurt some and benefit a few. All lives are broken and need a redeemer.

Psalm 103 is well worth your while to memorize it (yes the whole chapter) and spend much time meditating upon its themes. 

The word “redeem” in the Hebrew is the same word used in Leviticus 23 and throughout the book of Ruth as “kinsman redeemer”. When someone was in trouble and unable to get out of their mess, the law provided a way for a close relative to purchase the person out of their trouble. 

Our Savior, Jesus, is our kinsman redeemer. He has the authority to shed his blood for our sentence of death. He has the power to overcome the sting of death. He has the privilege to be called “Son of Man”, one of us. His rule as King of Kings is firmly established to settle disputes. His obedience to submit to death, gave him authority over death in which He now lives forever. His shed blood for us has the value necessary to redeem all those who come to Him. As Prince of Peace, He offers peace to those who are in desperate turmoil.

There is NO pit that He cannot reach down to save you. There is NO stupidity of actions that disqualifies you from receiving His mercy. There is NO grip of the enemy upon you that Jesus can not break it away for your freedom. There is NO crumbly brokenness of a messed up life that Jesus can not fashion into a beautiful masterpiece for His glory. Soften your heart and receive help from the giver of life.

All lives are broken. All lives have access to Jesus, our kinsman redeemer. All lives can be rescued from the pit of their own destruction. All lives are helpless to redeem ourselves. We remain equally needy for redemption at the foot of the cross of Jesus. His blood washes us clean and His resurrected life allows us to be born again. Praise be to our Father God.

Micah and I did not solve the world’s problems. We did, however acknowledge with extreme gratefulness that Jesus our redeemer is THE HOPE for all of mankind.

Blessings Love y’all