I sought the Lord, and he answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. Psalms 34:4 NIV

One Christmas, Pam bought a fully disassembled kitchen Island. All the parts and hardware were present, just not the instructions. My son, Micah, and I only had a picture of the finished product. We laid out nearly 200 pieces all over the living room. It took us a little while, but we were able to put it all together, including the drawers and pull out shelves. It would have been much easier if we were able to follow the order of the manufacturer for assembly.

When we are fearful about certain situations, we may try lots of different ways to calm our fears, But God has a process in mind that works quite well…seek Him. Many people want the deliverance without starting with the seeking. Just wanting to be free of fear is not the same as seeking the Lord. They are closely intertwined when you are afraid, but they are different.

When Peter was walking on the water toward Jesus, he began to notice the turbulent waves and the distance away from the boat. As his fear rose, his body began to sink down into the sea. At this point, he sought the Lord, by crying out to Him for help.

It’s subtle, but do you see the difference. Peter was focused on all of the trouble that was happening and that could possibly happen. These fears were becoming stronger all while he was physically near Jesus. His help came when his attention was fully focused on Jesus.

Sought in Hebrew (darash) which means to ask or seek, It also means to seek in the context of worshipping the true God. Worship is never part time. It is fully facing what you desire.

Raving fans that worship their football teams wear the clothes and talk highly of their team. It doesn’t take long before you know their devotion and inspiration toward the team that they love. Worship uncovers what we value.

No one expects a person to have a worship service when they are in the middle of a fearful event, but returning to the basics are helpful to move us through our fears when they are pressing upon us.

  • Start singing songs of encouragement. Either turn on some worship music or sing songs. Music changes the atmosphere. Remeber David played worship when King Saul was troubled in spirit.
  • Recite bible verses on the character of God. God’s word has the ability to anchor the soul. His words are solid and secure to make it through your trouble.
  • Begin talking to God about your problems – horizontal stuff. Then turn your gaze in a heavenly direction. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father making intercession right now on your behalf. Turn your eyes upon Jesus…and the things of earth will grow strangely dim.
  • Ask God to help you name your fear so that it can be exposed. Fears are False Evidence Appearing Real. When God sheds his light on the hidden lies of fear, you can begin to move toward trust.

On this Fear Not Friday follow God’s plan. Seek Him, listen and look for His answers and be delivered from your fears.

Blessing Love y’all