(the sluggard) All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing. Proverbs 21:26

I went to lunch with a friend the other day and saw another Pastor who was finishing his meal. We chatted for a few minutes and then went to our own table. When the Pastor was leaving, he came by our table. He handed me a $20 bill and wanted to pay for our lunch. At first I refused, and then was checked by the Holy Spirit to not deny my friend the blessing on following through on his impressions from God.

How do you know when you are to give? Here are some ingredients that can help make you a cheerful giver. There is no order of importance in the list, in fact, it may be only one idea that may be helpful to you.

  • Notice the two directions in the verse, craving for more and giving away. Having more stuff will never bring the joy that you think it will. Ask God to check your heart to reveal its longing for having more stuff or the blessing of giving away.
  • Giving is at the core of God’s character. He so loved the world that He gave. Ask God to impart His heart of a giver into your worldview framework for living.
  • Budget money that is for giving away in the spontaneous moments.
  • Have regular giving outside of your tithe such as Compassion International or Samaritan’s purse. We are all unique and care about different concerns.
  • It’s not the large amount of money, but the sacrificial response. The widow gave two mites, but her gift was greater than all the others. Give in response to your faith.
  • Give. Don’t try to manage it once it leaves your hands. Let God guide it to its desired purpose. The sluggard may make poor choices with the gift, but God has a way of speaking to people when He is directing it. He is just that awesome, trust Him. If He is leading the giving, He has a purpose with both the giver and the one receiving.
  • There are an overwhelming amount of needs and organizations asking for money, don’t stress. Ask God to direct your heart. Ask God for sensitive ears to His Spirit as He invites you to participate in the giving by faith. You are responding to God’s invitation, not the urgency of the request. Jesus probably passed by the man at the gate beautiful, but it was Peter and John who gave the gift of healing. Give as the Lord leads.
  • If you are married, large gifts should be given with your spouse’s knowledge and agreement.
  • Teach your children early about giving. They model what they see. On his own, my grandson made pictures for other children in the hospital and put them in an envelope. He is learning to respond to hurt by the act of giving.
  • What will your checking account reveal about your giving when you get to heaven for the final audit? Now is your chance to follow the giving heart of God.

I was walking and a thought gave me great joy. “Tis the season of giving”. May you receive the joy that giving offers. 

Blessings Love y’all