Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 NIV

Jimbob learns to throw his cares to God

Jimbob learns that it is his responsibility to give his cares and anxieties to God. What does casting your cares on Him look like in your life?

Let’s break the verse down

  • Cast – greek word, epiriptsantes Literally and figuratively it means to throw upon. Recently, I have been leveling the hillside behind my house. I have been moving dirt one shovel full at a time. It’s incredibly redundant. It does not make very much impact in one scoop. Over time I am receiving the desired result, because of the casting commitment to throw again and again.
  • All – greek pasan. This word includes the whole or totality of a thing. It also means to include every kind or all of the parts. Similar to wiping the crumbs off the table, you would not leave a few crumbs on the table. It would be clean when all of the crumbs are gone.
  • Anxiety – greek merimnan. It means cares, anxiety and issues that are cause for concern in our lives. The root word also implies division. It would include those things that cause us to be distracted or keep us divided from following through on our goals.
  • Cares – greek melei. This is another word for care with a significant difference in  meaning. Rather than division, this is a focused care for one object. One would think of the nurturing activities of a mother for her young infant. The babies comfort, food, and protection are always at the forefront of their attention toward the child.

Some ideas to help you”cast your cares upon Him”

  • Write down specific concerns. Sometimes identifying the concern allows us to see the care behind the concern. Not having enough money to buy your groceries, may reveal anxiety of faith for God to help in time of need.
  • Take the concerns to God often in prayer and give Him time to reply. Prayer is far more than throwing a bunch of information at God. It includes dialoguing, which means that we give God time to respond about our concerns. Faith and love will be included in His response.
  • Memorize and quote scriptures that speak directly to your cares. Bible verses have the ability to calm and center our thoughts back toward God. When our thoughts are divided or stuck on worldly concerns, God’s word changes our focus to the source of life, hope and peace.

It brings great comfort to know that our heavenly Father is focused on our concerns. Take some time right now to throw your cares upon God.

Blessings Love y’all