Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1 NIV

My shelter is real though it can’t be built with hands. My place of refuge can be found wherever you are.  My rest starts with these words spoken to your fears, “Peace, be still”.

In the storm that you are experiencing, I am here. My favorite desperate plea from those who are new to My covering sounds like this. “God, if you are real? God, if you can hear me?” I AM and I DO!

When your back is against a wall, when fear is doing a number on you, when the world is crashing in, when all of your attempts to control your life are failing, when what did work for you no longer does the trick, I am still here offering peace and rest. 

You don’t have to know the end from the beginning, that’s My job. Your arms are not wide enough to control the outcomes. Your feet can not run fast enough to elude what may come your way, I can take you through the fire and purify you at the same time.

Do you understand what living in My shelter looks like? It is the awareness of My love for you which never departs. It is feeling the warmth of the presence of My Holy Spirit. It is My Son looking at you right now, letting you know that ALL is forgiven both yesterday, today and tomorrow’s sins.

Please let others know where to find Me. Start at Mount Calvary. Every knee will bow at that place, it’s best to do it this side of heaven. Then we will walk in green pastures, cool waters and paths of right living. My eyes and smile will always be upon you.

Whispers from Your Father, God