But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do. James 1:25 NIV

Monday Mantra – The Blessing Mirror

Since I started driving a school bus, I rarely use the traditional rearview mirror for traffic purposes. On the bus the rearview mirror is used to check on the children’s behavior. I find myself constantly glancing toward the mirror.  Some of the children take the opportunity when I am not looking to quickly change seats. I am very thankful for mirrors. BTW, I use the side mirrors to navigate the traffic outside the bus.

What is James intending for us to be looking at, when we look intently into the perfect law that gives freedom? Whatever we see in that perfect law is supposed to lead us to freedom and action. For most of my life, I limited myself to thinking that James meant for us to read the Bible every day, but let me give you another perspective.

Some commentators believe that James uses terms like perfect law to make reference to the gospel (James 2:8 the royal law and James 4:11 law of not judging, making reference to Christ teachings against judging). The supreme law for Christ, Paul and John is the law of love. Let’s look at the verse again with substituting the law of love for the perfect law with my amplified ideas.

Whoever looks at the law of love to see if they find their reflection will see two things. First you will see the blemishes that exist. None of us are perfect, but the law of love is perfect. The second reflection is the invitation of Jesus to apply the salve of grace and love to you. You are freely invited to receive and live in the love of Jesus. 

Having looked at love, having transformed your thinking about love, having experienced the fruit of love in your inner being, having tasted the sweetness of love for your own life…it only makes sense that you would not forget what the they law of love feels like for yourself. SO, you apply that same law of love to those you come in contact with. You continue to do for others in the same way that God has extended love to you.

On this Monday Mantra, James reminds us there is a blessing for living out the perfect law – the law of love. This blessing is tied to the execution of the law of love. When we treat others with kindness, grace and love, there is blessing that is waiting for us. As hard as it may seem to love those who are not easily loveable, when we love them we are blessed.

When we forget the image of Christ loving us…when we were not loveable…we have a low supply of grace and love to offer others. Why don’t you take some time to look and listen to His words and look at the ways that Jesus manifested His love toward you? You and others will be blessed by your time looking in the blessing mirror of the law of love.

Blessings Love y’all