I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.” Isaiah 44:22 NIV

Jimbob Receives Mercy

The permanency of your sins finds its backstop against the sacrifice and blood of your Savior. God doesn’t drag your past beside you day after day. He does not relate to you as your sins deserve. He forgives.

He paid a price, actually He paid the full amount. He did not split the bill with you. Your wallet was empty and your IOU was of no value. You had nothing to bring to the table to help with the exchange for your cleanness. Your pockets were lined with only filthy rags. You approach the greatest transaction for the life of your soul – empty handed. 

BUT God demonstrated at that moment His love for you, by allowing His Son, Jesus who knew no sin, to become your sin and take the punishment – death. He died on the cross weighted down with your sins. His payment of the shedding of His blood gave a permanent stain on the ground He created, PAID IN FULL.

RETURN TO ME. After all that God has done to position Himself as redeemer of your soul, why would anyone hesitate to draw near? Why continue to go your own way? Why does your path of life look more inviting than humbling follow His?

RETURN TO ME. There is a path for all to TURN and move toward Holy God. His word declares we have the right the privilege to return to God. It is never hopeless, You can go to far off the reservation. There is always a path back to the redeemer of your soul.

Right now, today, ask the Lord to wash you clean. Even if you are a follower of Jesus, receive the cleansing for your unrighteous acts and draw near to the lover of your soul. God loves you.

He redeemed you from the slavery of a sinful life. He loves you. Live in the knowledge and experience which is available through forgiveness. It makes you are a pure child of God. You are a friend of holy God. Return

Blessings love y’all