Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

Todays Jimbob and Wally Story includes a huge Jimbob fan – Jude Parker, cousin to my grandkids. May God bless you as a great story teller and friend of God.

JImbob finds a light

Scripture songs are a great way to memorize and meditate on Bible verses. Amy Grant recorded this Bible verse song, Thy Word, in 1984 with Michael W Smith as a co-writer. Very simple tune and easy to commit to memory. The meaning is straightforward – God’s word gives light to guide your next step and wisdom for direction.

How does this lamp and light actually work?

God’s word is intimate. Even though it was written by 40 authors over nearly 1500 years, its application relates to your personal life. 

God’s word is directive. It provides help for making decisions for your future.

God’s word is illuminative. God breathes over the words as you are reading them to bring revelation of understanding.

God’s word is relatable. Solomon wrote “there is nothing new under the sun”. The highs and lows of life are recorded. The depravity of mankind’s choices and the beauty of sacrificial love are laid out in the stories of the Biblical characters. As you read, you will see yourself and others similar actions in the Bible.

As you read…

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate God’s word for you
  • Pray for understanding
  • Work on interpreting the verse for its original meaning to the people involved, THEN look for application to your life.
  • Sometimes God will speak to you from a word or phrase…God’s word is living and active. 

May you find the wonderful rhythm of embracing time in God’s Word and finding the revelation  of wisdom for your next steps.

Blessing Love y’all