And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 NIV

The God of Enough

I was talking with a friend and asked if he had bought storage food for the future. He asked if I had done the same? I replied, “ During Y2K, we had bought a couple of  buckets of beans that lasted for years. I was mainly thinking of buying a couple right now to have to feed others who may not be prepared.”

Some are more fearful of the future than others. In America, we have not experienced broad scale food scarcity since the great depression. God has blessed us with so much abundance, many have little understanding of what it  is to  truly survive on basic needs. How do you prepare and trust God for the future without living in an alarmist mode all the time?

The God of enough for your needs

  • He is the God who sees – El Roi. This revelation was fist given to Hagar (Genesis 16) who was an Egyptian maid servant running away with Abrahams child. In the desert, an angel of the Lord appears and encourages her to go back. There is comfort and hope knowing God sees the problem we are facing. Seek encounters with God in the hard times.
  • He is the God of provision, Jehovah Jireh. When Abram was following God’s direction to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22), at the last moment God provided a ram for the sacrifice. God always has ways to meet needs beyond your own scope of planning. We plan, we work, we trust the God of provision. He owns everything in the world. He is the God of more than enough.
  • He is the God of empathy. Jesus became a man and endured hardships of life as one of us. He grew tired and it is recorded “I thirst”. The key is to engage God in honest conversations of your heart and your need. Blaming Him or others is the very beginning of that conversation. Listening to His response and dialoguing with Him will lead you to hope of His presence in the difficulty you are facing. In Matthew 6, Jesus communicates God’s heart of understanding of the basics of shelter, clothing and food that consumes much of our fears.

On this Fear Not Friday take Paul’s encouragement at face value. Our God will meet our needs according to the riches in Christ Jesus. It’s okay to plan for the future, Joseph showed wisdom in preparing ahead of time. Don’t let fear be your motivation. Listen to the God of more than enough, who sees you, and cares about your struggles.

After casting all of your care upon Him, because He cares for you; listen and watch how God moves on your behalf. And remember to give Him praise for the great things He has done and will do for you.

Blessings Love y’all