For we know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that he has chosen you, 1 Thessalonians 1:4

Am I? I AM loved by God

Red Rover, Red Rover send Greg right over. This is the chant to a children’s game. Two teams form lines facing each other. Each line holds hands to form a strong bond. One team sings the chant and calls a person from the other team to come their way. The goal for the one called is to run as fast as they can and break the hand hold on the other team. If successful the one called gets to pick a person from the other team to come and join them. If unsuccessful, then you have to move to the other side. 

Long intro to say this, some kids never get called. Maybe the aren’t popular, maybe they are so big they always win, or maybe they are so small they would always lose. The best part of the game…being chosen and your name being called to see if you can break the bond and bring another friend back to your side.

Before becoming a follower of Jesus, we were objects of God’s wrath. Our sinful choices placed us opposite of God as His enemy. With sin in our hearts and mind, there was NO WAY God could allow us to be on His team. 

Then Jesus accepted God’s wrath on Himself on our behalf. It was a complete and perfect sacrifice in which all of God’s judgment toward us was appeased. With sin and its penalty removed from our ledger against God, He adopted us as His children.

That adoption changes everything in the way that God now interacts with His children. Because of the depths of fear in our thinking, many still feel like God is mad at them and we have to appease His anger by living like good little children. You will never be “good” enough to impress God. The Bible says that perfect love removes fear, because fear has to do with punishment. God loves and chooses us solely on the basis of Jesus.

Our verse today clearly states that we can know God loves us. This is not a wishful thinking knowledge, but this is deep in your gut, peaceful knowing that God loves you. How? He has chosen you.

To let faith rise in my heart and mind, I speak this confession aloud like this.  “God’s word says I can know that I am loved by God. God loves me. God has chosen me, Greg, to be one of HIs children.” 

Remember the enemy’s temptation against Jesus included trying to drive a wedge in His identity as a son of God…if you are the Son of God. The devil attacks us in similar ways. God’s word plainly says- you are loved and chosen by God. Live in that reality. 

Am i, I AM loved by God. God calls you by name to come to Him. Be washed and cleansed of your sins. Receive all the gifts befitting a child of God. Let the Holy Spirit seal your heart with the knowledge that you are God’s child for eternity. You are loved and chosen by God.

Blessings Love y’all