Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Jimbob Casts His Cares Away

Saturday Story Time – Jimbob Casts His Cares Away

Some would say casting your cares or anxiety upon God is easier said than done. What is needed to move from the knowledge of “I know what I should do” to the practice of actually “doing it”? For others, you have the concept and faith required to cast your cares, but it quickly weasels its way back into the forefront of your thoughts with more unanswered questions.

Let’s narrow it down a little bit. Do we all have issues in our lives that can cause worry or anxiety? YES. The issue is not the problem themselves. It is trust that God is willfully engaged in our affairs to bring them to a God honoring resolution that includes you, but is not dependent on you to produce the results. That last sentence is worth rereading it again. Some Examples.

  • Worried about gas prices and its effect on your budget? God has ways of reconstructing your budget. Faith is obedience in action to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Anxious about a sideways relationship with a close friend or relative? The Holy Spirit reveals your next step of faith which includes both a softening of your heart and preparation of your next dialogue.
  • What about food prices or shortages which impacts feeding your family? Matthew chapter 6 deals with this issue of not worrying about what you will eat, wear or live.
    • You can eat less! – as blaspheming as that may sound to most Americans. Pam and I did a one meal a day fast in February. I think God may have been preparing us for some changes.

Here is the Casting Action Principle

Care (Defined as worry/anxiety over and issue) + Uncaptivated thoughts = More Worry

Care /Over God’s Promises + Trusting Action (Faith)/ Leading of the Holy Spirit = Peace in God’s Care

Definition of terms

Uncaptivated thoughts – letting your mind run thinking about scenario after scenario trying to find a resolution to your problem.

God’s Promises – Scriptures (Bible Verses) of God’s perspective which is directly related to the areas of concern. I.e. finances, relationships, health, end of life.

Faith (Trusting Action) – Verbally and actively behaving differently in response to a promise or word from God. God is responsible for the results of our trust, our part is the obedience to act. Peter got out of the boat to walk on the water. Jesus helped him when he became afraid.

Leading of the Holy Spirit – Jesus said My sheep follow My voice. Learn to discern how the Holy Spirit speaks to you and act on what you have received.

Peace – A calm assurance over your heart and mind that God is in control and is active in your life.

Can you name what your are trust-believing (faithing) God to be doing for you now? May today be the start of a new level of trusting God for those things which bring anxiousness into your life.

Blessings Love y’all