Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4 NIV

Listening to the news and watching the extreme devastation of Hurricane Ian is heartbreaking. One house was crushed along a canal. The owner returned and spoke to a reporter about his thoughts. “Looking at the destruction, I made the right decision to leave, BUT now what?” Will he stay and rebuild or move? Though questions to answer when dealing with sudden loss.

The scenario just mentioned will be repeated thousands of times more. When life throws you more than a curve, it may feel more like a knockout punch. It hurts. It’s devastating. It feels hopeless.

Mourning is the heavy heart for those who have experienced loss. Perhaps a spouse or family member has passed away. Perhaps your health has revealed your human frailty and limitations. Perhaps years of poor decision making has barracaded your future into slavery of hopeless options. Perhaps your strength of will has deflated to vegging day after day wishing something would change.

Our verse today reminds us that weeping and mourning have a timetable. Comfort and hope will come like the sunrise into the darkness. God always keeps His word. He will bring comfort to this who are experiencing loss.

When? I do not know His timing? But he tells us to wait for He will bring the break through.


  • He draws near to the broken-hearted. Something in The human experience of pain and sorrow brings Him closer
  • He speaks. God has the ability to communicate to each of us in our own language, in our own style, and to us personally.
    • When He speaks it brings hope and life
    • When He speaks is is quiet and sure
    • When He speaks clarity comes and clutter is removed
  • He uses people to help us.
    • People are part of God’s comfort plan for our lives
    • They need not be short or tall, pretty or homely, smart or slow – to be a friend in the time of need
    • They may not be who you would choose first -the Samaritan helped a Jew- but let them help

Pam and I often say when we awaken – “God has a plan for us today, otherwise we would be with Him in heaven. Even in the time of confusion and mourning, God has plans for you which are good and hopeful. 

God is working even in pain and loss. May His miracles abound and His wisdom shine forth

Blessings, Love y’all.