never enoughDon’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit. Proverbs 23:4 NLT

One man was asked how much money would be enough for him. He replied, “Just ONE more dollar!” There will always be another article of clothing, household item, entertainment piece, sporting device, car upgrade or home that grabs your attention. Never enough plays in a loop over our thoughts and longings.

King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiates about his wealth. He had enough money and workers that he said he built anything that he wanted. However, the abundance of stuff still left him empty. So, also, the pursuit of wealth is a winding road that never ends and passes homes of “they’ve got more than me”.

Solomon’s advice is to have a conversation with yourself. Wisdom comes from the knowledge of defining enough. The joy of simplicity is the ability to be content with the good things you already possess.

How much is enough money, clothing, books, music, tools, kitchen wares, vehicles, shoes, or electronics? Write down your answers and then evaluate the adjsutments that you would need to make. When you lighten your load, you will be amazed at the created space you have made for “peace”.

Blessings  Love y’all.