20087216512493_2-2Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3 NIV

Let’s do a little Hebrew today.

Commit is a root word “galal’ with the idea of “roll away”. Other verses are literally “roll away the stone” or He “rolled away the reproach”. It refers to an action that makes a commitment to remove from one place to another. Think of an architect taking his drawings and rolling them up to give to a superior for approval. He has committed his original plan.

Plan is “machashabah” with it root being “chashab” which sound more like “gibberish” to you, I am sure. This word carries the meaning of thoughts, ideas, imagination or plans. It’s not so much the activity of doing, but rather the planning stage of what you will be doing.

The Hebrew root word for establish is “kun” which means “to make firm”. This would include building the foundation and structure to make something solid or secure.

So let’s put it together for the Pastor Greg’s version.

Roll up the the activities you are doing or will be doing and hand the details over to God. He will firm up your ideas needed to make your plans effective.

If you are needing some guidance about decisions or circumstances that you are facing today.  Trust the Lord to help you, as you roll up (move from your table to His) your plans.

Blessing Love y’all.