lean on meYou will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3 NIV

Micah and Tre were over at the house the other day. I wanted to Google something on my phone so I started to look for my glasses, which I usually keep in my shirt pocket or clipped on my collar. I have started using reading glasses over the past year. I asked Tre if he had seen them lying around…I am prone to do that also. He started to look and then smiled at me. “You might want to check right here,” as he pointed to the top of his head. “OH, there you are, my glasses!”

Peace of heart, mind and body can be an elusive state that seems to remain out of people’s grasp. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, has offered it to God’s children. He declares that we WILL have troubles in this world but that He overcame them and gives us His peace. Yet, we let those worrisome issues keep us anxious, sleepless, and sometimes irritable. Is there help to find this peace that is communicated to be within our grasp?

Order of words sometimes brings a different understanding. In the Hebrew, the order of today’s verse starts with the mind, ”(Whose) mind (on)stayed (you)”. Verbs reflect the action. “Stayed” literally means to “lean upon, to prop up, to be supported by”. This is not someone who is trying to think the right thoughts about God, remember a key verse, or trying to be happy, although it is helpful to do all of these. Rather, this is the idea of humbly listening to someone who is an expert showing us the answer. Like a tutor helping a language student, they need help with vocabulary that has never been learned. The student will “lean” into the tutor’s understanding.

Perfect peace” is actually the same word used twice, ”Shalom, shalom”. It reminds me of my minister friend, Pastor Eddie Taylor, saying to the kids at Camp, “Listen, listen.” The word “peace” means completeness, wholeness, welfare, soundness, peace. You can expect to be completely complete,  perfectly peaceful, or wholly whole.

To Keep” means to guard as a watchman. It also reflects the importance of intention, like “keeping something hidden in secret”.

Let’s put is all together so we don’t get lost in the woods of another language

The one whose thoughts and purposes lean upon God for support, God will guard them toward a complete, wholesome welfare of existence as they continually reflect a life of trust in Him.  (Greg’s Interpretation)

Jesus said, “Follow Me!” He is Peace. When you lean into Jesus, His peace is present for you also. You don’t have to go looking for His peace, it’s already with Jesus, whom you invited into your heart. It is literally just that close.

Blessings! Love y’all.