th-35Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. I John 2:15 NIV

Several years ago, My children got together to purchase a birthday gift for me. They bought me an IPhone 3. I was the first to possess an Apple product in the family. Except for Jonathan we are now all IPhone card carrying members. We imessage and facetime. At the end of the day, I use it just like every other phone to make a call to talk with someone.

Later they rebuilt a Macbook and gave it to me for Christmas. I use it to do almost all of my writings. In my mind, I had arrived with the “Cadillac” of computers. I am grateful for the speed of “wake up time” and the lack of slowness due to maleware and other viruses. At the end of the day, no one cares how I typed up the blogs.

There is always a pressure for things of the world. We have been indoctrinated through advertisement that the “car makes the man”, “the right house brings happiness”, or “the right clothing brings the guy or the job.” Possession of things can consume all of our time and money as we long for significance to be attached with the stuff.

In this verse, John uses the same word for love 3 times – agape. This is not the “I love pizza” type of love. Rather this is the man on his knee talking with his “mi amour”, expressing his desire to love her. He is giving her his heart, all the days of his life. John is telling us that there is a battle for affections in this world. When we have said “Yes” to God to be one of his children, we are also saying “No” to ALL the other things that would erode our affections from our one true love of the Father.

SO, is it wrong to possess nice stuff? Is it wrong to want to have a new car? Is it wrong to go shopping and look for nice clothes that look good on us and make us look special? Is it wrong to desire a house in a “nice” neighborhood? Can I spend the extra money to have the latest and greatest electronics?

It depends. Only you and God know what is happening in your heart. Only you know if you are trying to find significance in the things you possess. Only you can understand the hidden affections in your heart…which can be easily deceived of its true intentions.

Tomorrow we will explore a couple of verses that can be used to help free us from the pressure and desire of the things of this world.

How do you know if the “lust of the eyes” for things has a grip on you?

Blessings Love y’all