th-49Do everything without grumbling or arguing, Philippians 2:14 NIV

Poems in Philippians

Orange cones, detour signs

Stop and go traffic again

Will the road work in our town

Ever come to an end

Fast food restaurant

Slow drive-thru line

Stop texting, move forward

Im hurrying to get mine

Grumble, complain

Murmur just a little bit

I deserve better

than dealing with it

I’m not really grumbling

Speaking my mind on the spot

I should be feeling better

But my anger tells me I’m not

My complaining sets the temp

It’s only on simmer

Just below boiling

My gratefulness grows dimmer

Parallel tracks, they are not

Thankfulness and Complaining

One leads to life and peace

They other is draining

Today I choose calm and peace

Closed mouth will be my call

If I can’t say something nice

I won’t say nothing at all