hqdefaultYe have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the LORD is his refuge. Psalm 14:6 KJV

Do you think Abram shared God’s promise with another person that he would become the father of a great nation before he had his first child? Do you think David told anyone that he was anointed by Samuel to be someone special while he was still a shepherd boy? When do you think Moses revealed that a burning bush was on fire and called out his name?  Are you holding onto a promise from God that sounds crazy because no circumstances are validating its possibility?

“Because” is a conjunction Hebrew word ki pronounce kee. Most translations prefer to use the word “but” in this context. Both uses of the word are worth contemplating for the implications they have in waiting for an answer from God.

Because God

  • People attribute shame to your ideas because you are not on the world’s team of trends and thoughts on issues like abortion, freedom of sexual expression, or sanctity of marriage.
  • You may feel shame when you have chosen to be identified with God. Jesus said there is a blessing for those who are persecuted because you have chosen to be aligned with His name and purpose.
  • Someone mocks you as they connect your actions directly to your beliefs. “Oh, you can’t go with us to the bars, because you are a Christian.” “You will not go to “R” rated movies with us because God won’t let you.”
  • Waiting is ridiculed because not everyone can see (figuratively and spiritually blind) what has been revealed to you. “Just date anybody, they don’t have to be a Christian just to date them. That’s so old fashion.” “God doesn’t own your money, spend it on whatever you want, I really don’t understand why you give some of your money to that church?” Daniel chose not to defile himself with unclean food.


  • In the context of this verse, the Lord is a refuge or a place of hope. This word would be chosen to show the juxtaposition of your dilemma. Your so called friends are ridiculing you for your standards, but God is providing you hope. You can see where the shame is coming from, when you are standing in a place of receiving hope from God
  • This conjunction is also used like a backstop to make sure that you don’t retreat any farther from the truth that you are believing. We need a place to stop to gain our footing.  No more backing up. Peter said to Jesus, “where else can we go, you alone have the words of life. This is a time to remind the devil of God’s promises. Abram had no son,, but God…has said. Like us, Abram received mercy, when he acted outside of God’s intended plan. 
  • “But God”, is a great source of recalibration in the middle of verbal storms that are coming against the plans and purposes that God has revealed to you. It allows you to realign your thoughts to what is most important…what has God said about the matter?

Sometimes we are living in the “because” translation and sometimes we need the strength of the “but God” version. The devil will use the words of others to bring discouragement in your life. Don’t dwell on the first part of the slanderish ideas of a fool, move into the hopeful realm of the “but God” and “Because God”.

Blessings  Love y’all