th-66For the director of music. With stringed instruments. Of David. Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. Psalm 62:1

What’s your “go to” song? I am sure it will be different depending on your emotional status. Many times when the kids and I were working on a hard project that needed extra strength to finish, I would start voice trumpeting the first notes of the Rocky theme from the movie. The music mirrored the transition to dig deeper and push through the change that needed to happen. What’s your go to song to lift your heart spiritually?

One of the reasons that we love King David is the transparency revealed in the songs that he wrote. We are not looking at a journal or diary that someone found near his bedside. Rather, David asked that his songs be rehearsed and sang publicly. His thoughts and relationship with God would be open to all and on full display. 

Worship was one of the ways that David navigated his thought life. He asked God some very difficult questions. Why do the wicked prosper? Why are you silent?  Why do the nations rage? Why is my heart overwhelmed? What is man that you are mindful of him?

These questions and thoughts were presented in song. The song would lead to a trust in God even though some of the answers may be left unresolved. Can you find peace today knowing that some of your answers may be left unresolved?

We spend a lot of emotional energy trying to find answers. Why did she say that? What does my boss really think about me? Are my children okay? Why would someone act so unbecomingly? Will this person ever forgive me? Can I love again? How can I go on without this person in my life? 

It is not wrong or a problem to ask difficult questions. Sometimes it is helpful just to formulate the question that has been bugging you. But being consumed by the time and energy searching for the answer is unhealthy. Much of that pursuit is a desire in us to “know” all things. The resolve that you are searching for will only be found as it leads to a peaceful trust in God – who knows all things – and loves you.

Direct your questions and prayer to God. Don’t spend time rehearsing your woe is me to yourself and others. Talk with God. Do as David did. Speak to Him beginning right at the point of your pain and confusion. Listen to David’s start. “Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer.” 

It may be helpful to use your “go to” song to redirect your trust toward God’s direction. He is always available. May you receive the comfort of His peace today.

Blessings Love y’all