maxresdefault (1)The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water; He turns it to any place He will Proverbs 21:1 MEV

May we learn to bless those in authority, anticipating God’s work in their lives. The ultimate work would include the “working of their salvation,” But God, does not limit His work of directing leaders only to those who are His children. All authority rest in the hand of God, not just the political leaders. God can direct the outworking of the heart in any direction He wishes.

We have people in authority that we need to pray for and we may be the one in authority that needs prayer.

  • Pray for the salvation of those in authority- political leaders, school teachers, employers, bosses, and parents
  • Pray for the softening of the hearts for those in authority. Compassion can grip a heart and motivate toward kindness. 
  • Pray for eyes to be opened to the needs underneath their authority. There are many cares and issues swirling around those in authority, they may overlook the cry of your heart. Pray for God to help them see the real needs
  • Pray for blessings to come to those in authority, so that they can turn those blessings toward your direction. Peace settles hearts, while strife causes fear and worry. Joy flows over in abundance, while worry encloses upon itself. Love is open handed, while greed carries a closed fist. 

Blessings upon a leader are a good thing for all who are downstream benefit.

Don’t think of only political officials. Allow God to let you see all those who have responsibility to care for those in their sphere of influence. Pray for your pastor, police officials, coaches, elected representatives. May God turn their hearts toward blessing those they serve.

May God’s kindness rest upon you today as you carry out your responsibilities for those you serve.

Blessings Love y’all