“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many? John 6:9 NIV

50 years ago, I played the lead role in a church children’s musical called The Boy Who Caught a Fish. In the musical, I was the little boy who loved fishing. I had just caught those fish, when Andrew took me to Jesus. I didn’t want to give my food away, but I did because Jesus asked.

They say what is learned in song is remembered long. True to form of a 70’s song, here are some of the lyrics that I remember. Yea, yea, I caught a fish. Yea, yea I caught another. Yea, yea I caught a fish, but the second one was his brother.

How far will your small offering go? 

Andrew asked this question with physical eyes and realistic understanding. At best, the disciples could have each shared a few bites among themselves. Jesus took the offering and blessed it to feed the entire crowd of 5000 people. This miracle is recorded in all four gospels.

Observations of the blessing of a little offering

  • The food was given willingly. God does not take it from you. Are there small blessings that you are holding on to?
  • God does the multiplying. You don’t have to micromanage what happens to your offering. Give it in response to Jesus’ request and let him multiply the seed.
  • God can use the most unassuming “stuff” for His purposes. When the five loaves were baked and packed, no one could have had any knowledge of how they were to be used later for the miracle of feeding the 5000. God can use whatever He has given to you to steward. He owns the earth and everything in it.
  • Bless the little that you have. Jesus gave thanks and then distributed. All the provisions that you have in your life are worthy of giving thanks to God for them. Don’t miss out on the privilege of remembrance to give thanks
  • Ask God to open up your eyes of faith. The miracle was in the basket of two fish and five loaves. Let God lead you into seeing the potential that you are carrying with you.

What’s in your basket? Don’t discount it’s potential. Keep an open hand and let Jesus have whatever He wants, whenever He wants, to use however He wants. You could be holding onto another miracle. It only requires the blessing of the little that you already possess.

Blessings Love y’all