human-763156_960_720-e1552636170890You who bring good news to Zion, go up on a high mountain. You who bring good news to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with a shout, lift it up, do not be afraid; say to the towns of Judah, “Here is your God!” Isaiah 40:9 NIV

She came by the church visibly upset and shaking, It was not the first time that she showed signs of abuse. She confided that her son was the one that was causing her pain. I picked up the phone and talked with the son. After a couple of minutes, I told him that his mother had asked me to help her. I told him to keep his hands off his mother.

He responded in this way. “Hey preacher, you stay in your church. I don’t come over there and tell you what to do. You do what you want inside your church, just don’t try to bring it out here where I live!” I left out all of the explicatives. He spoke with disdain and intimidation.

Satan uses fear and intimidation to silence the children of God from sharing the good news of salvation. Jesus knows our tendency to shrink back as revealed in Peter’s denial on the night He was betrayed. One of the promises of waiting for the Holy Spirit was boldness. After being filled with the Holy Spirit, even the Pharisees took note of the boldness and wisdom that the disciples had to proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The verse in Isaiah is poetical and song like. This is the same passage used to describe John the Baptist’s ministry of preaching the good news to prepare the way for the Lord’s coming. 

Bring good news is used twice for emphasis. As a child of God you have been entrusted with a treasure of the good news leading to salvation. ALL other news is helpful, but falls short of the eternal value of the good news available through Jesus Christ. YOU have something to say of higher importance than any other discussion. There is wisdom in the proper timing and method of sharing, but it is not to be silenced because of intimidation.

“Lift up your voice” is also used twice. Many have been intimidated to relegate the good news to loving actions. Our lives and message should walk in harmony. But the voice is the primary expectation of the delivery of the good news. Jesus came preaching the good news. He was killed because of the claims He made that He was God in the flesh. John the apostle declared that the Word of God dwelt among us.

Here is your God” is the focus of the good news. With all of the turmoil in our country our message of God’s loving action of forgiveness and eternal life can get sidelined. If God is so good, why can’t He stop this worldwide fear of Corona Virus? 

We need the wisdom and boldness of the Holy Spirit to control the narrative of the good news. Staying focused on your personal relationship with God and the revelation of Himself in the biblical context will keep pointing people to Jesus.  Only Jesus is the hope of the world.

Questions to consider?

  • Are you being continually filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of boldness to be a witness for Jesus?
  • Have you been intimidated to engage in conversations leading to a spiritual discussion?
  • If you have not shared the good news with someone in quite a while, can you identify your reasonings for lack of “lifting your voice”?

Ask God to light the fire within your belly to be a spokesperson for the good news that can not stay contained within you. At this point in time, people are looking for hope. People are desperate for the authentic and real that satisfies the longing of their soul. Ask God to stir up your first love for Him that is so easy to share with others.

On this Fear Not Friday, may someone hear the Good News that Jesus loves and forgives them. May they receive Jesus as their Lord and savior. May all the angels in heaven break down into a hallelujah shout and dance as a person becomes a child of God.  You have the good news of Jesus, lift up your voice and let others know.

Blessings Love y’all