And athletes cannot win the prize unless they follow the rules. 2 Timothy 2:5 NLT

Today, I offer a Superbowl themed Jimbob Rabbit and Wally Raccoon episode aired on Moody Radio in 2015 with Co-host John Rogers on our New Day Cafe morning show. Jimbob has to learn to follow the rules if he is going to make it into the big leagues. Disclaimer: This was recorded 6 years ago, all events that Jimbob participates in are fictitious, any similarities to real people are for entertainment purposes only.

Jimbob learns to follow the rules

Why do you think we justify bending the rules for ourselves? Ouch, this hurts to think about even when I am writing. I am feeling the guilt and conviction. Not driving the speed limit all the time or just reading one text while driving and then another, come quickly to mind. I’m sure that’s just me, none of you would ever do such a thing.

I remember going to pay a traffic fine for slowly rolling through a 4 way intersection. It was at the top of a hill and I was driving a stick shift and did not want to roll backwards after coming to a complete stop. No other car was at the stop, but the policeman was watching.

Anyway, as I was waiting to negotiate the ticket I started talking with an older lady. I told her my dilemma. This was probably my 3rd type of traffic ticket in 20 years. With full southern grace she said, “I’ve never gotten a ticket.” Many thoughts ran quickly through my head, “How can this be true?” 

Then the fog of confusion started to lift revealing the truths that had been present all the time. “If she obeyed the rules of the road ALL of the time…she would not get a ticket.” It was just that simple.

None of us are perfect, no not one. Perfection in our own strength and effort  is not really the goal, that doesn’t mean that we try to do bad. God desires willing obedience as the attitude of our heart of love toward Him. We are gifted with a bent toward following Jesus, When He nudges us with correction, we confess and make the adjustments to maintain following Him. 

I understand that our sinful nature is always moving in the opposite direction of the Spirit. There is a battle. Be encouraged, Jesus has set you free so that you CAN obey the rules. Keep following the Spirit’s lead and walking toward the light of His love and grace.

May you be blessed with a renewed willing heart of obedience. It’s okay to follow the rules. If Jimbob can do it, so can you.

Blessings Love y’all