He who heeds the word wisely will find good, And whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he. Proverbs 16:20 NKJV

My grandson found an unopened Star Wars Lego set, but there was no picture or instructions. My thought was to just start putting things together, it was a small set with less than 50 pieces. Pam however went digging and found the Lego step by step instructions online. He was very happy with the final result.

Maskil is the word for heed and it means the wisdom of taking time to ponder or consider something. It includes looking at something from the 360 perspective. You can seek to understand what would happen if you apply the principle to your situation or reverse the priority and align your situation with the principle.

Word is “dabar” which can also mean a “matter or thing” as well as a “word”. This is not as strong as indicating the Law of God. It can include the written or spoken word of God.

The enemy tries to gain advantage over us by validating our impulse reactions. For some it is spending money too quickly in a purchase. Others may struggle with speaking before thinking. There are those who act too quickly and have to work themselves out of a mess.

Today’s proverb invitstes us to take time to cosider the implications of a word. Planning is okay. What happens when you have a plan, but you are still not sure what to do? That is the second part of the verse, employ faith.

Paul says that having done ALL to stand, then stand. Take the time to consider God’s word, is the “having done ALL”. Standing is the act in faith on what He is speaking. This process of considering and then standing in faith will be repeated again and again throughout your day.

Follow this principle. Consider a matter plus acting in faith leads to a blessing or happiness. Ask God to tune your ears to hear His word over your activities and then walk in trust to do what He has asked.

Time to consider is wise. Pressure to act quickly is rarely from God. Hesitation can also be a distraction. Learn to submit your thoughts to God so that you can see clearly how to respond in faith. God will never ask you to violate His principles in order for you to act in faith.

May you be blessed in the rhythm of His ways. May you find the blessing and happiness of trusting in the Lord after considering His word.

Blessings Love y’all