This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 NKJV

Getting our 6 children moving in the right direction every morning was a joy and a challenge. Somewhere along the way we developed a ritual of quoting Psalm 118:24 aas part of our wakeup routine. We did it in a couple of ways. Sometimes we have them repeat each of the 4 sections…This is the day and the kids repeat.  Sometimes we would say the first two phrases and the kids would finish the verse. In the second method we wanted them to focus on rejoicing and being glad in it.

Let’s explore the gold nuggets within this Monday Mantra verse.

  • This is the day.
    •  Today is always a big deal, because it is the only one that you are presently living in. On more than one occasion, Pam and I thank the Lord that we awakened and started our day. God still has a purpose for us to fulfill this side of heaven. 
    • Today is a gift. 
    • Do you know anyone stuck in the events of yesterday, constantly trying to change what happened?
    • Do you know someone paralyzed by the “what might happen tomorrow”? Worry doesn’t like living today it thrives in the “what if’s” of tomorrow
  • That the Lord has made
    • This totally shifts the ownership of what is going to happen on this day to God. It was His all along, but we try to take control of it. 
    • God is present with you through every trial that will come your way, through every difficulty that you have to navigate, through every high and every low, through the unseen events and those carefully planned long ago, God made this day.
  • We will rejoice
    • “We” means that as a family we will help each other throughout our day. “I will rejoice” is so important to make the “we” happen. “We” planted the thought that we are privileged with being “our brother’s keeper”.
    • Will” – My responsibility to the verse hinges on the activation of this word. God has graced us with a “chooser” -the will. I can speak to my emotions and tell them which direction to go instead of them leading me. 
      • Perhaps I am still tired, But “I will get up” and go to work.
      • Perhaps I am sad about the events of yesterday, But “I will engage God and others to keep moving forward with love”
    • Rejoice
      • Re+joice is found in 14th century Old French possibly with the “Re” showing intensity and “Joiss” reflecting cause to joy. My application – fan into flame (re) the embers of joy in your life.
  • And be glad in it
    • Gladness is the direction that we wanted our children to move toward. 
    • No matter the task ahead, gladness helps make the task taste a little better.
    • Gladness puts a smile on your face instead of the worry that most carry with them.

Questions for you

  • Who is in control of your day?
  • Are you living in the present day and allowing forgiveness of others and yourself to be left in the behind of yesterday?
  • Do you know how to activate your “will”?
  • Do you know how to return to joy in your life?
  • How do you apply gladness to the activities of your day?

This is a really good Monday Mantra as it is well worth the time to think about the implications this verse has upon your day. May joy be rekindled afresh for you today

Blessings Love y’all