The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. Psalm 145:9 NIV

JImbob learns that trying to be good like God is not about looks but an inner quality and outward actions.

The core foundational character trait of God’s goodness is a stumbling block to many people, especially those who have experienced painful events. More than once you may have heard, “If God is good, then why did He let this bad event happen in which people were killed?” Those struggling to see God’s goodness people may say they don’t believe that God exists, yet inwardly they know that if He does exist, then He should be good.

God’s declaration on all that He made in Genesis 1, “It is good.” Because Adam and Eve chose to violate God’s rule, we’ve inherited lives sprinkled with pain and death. One of their first sons killed his brother…that is painful. The earth also was cursed and work became a painful toil. Our hearts are mixed with goodness and evil so that in reality none of us deserve God’s goodness, no not one. Yet we still think inwardly think that God is obligated to overlook our sinful thoughts and actions to be good to us.

God rains on the just and the unjust. He blesses families with His favor and allows love to be felt. His full expression of His goodness was offering Jesus to die in our place so that we could passover eternal separation, death. Looking at Jesus is looking at the goodness of God on full display. All that Jesus did, reveals the heart of a good Father toward His children.

I am saddened when catastrophies happen. I hurt with those who lose children to disease. I don’t have words to understand the suddeness of loss of loved ones in an accident or sickness. BUT, I can still make a verbal declaration in the middle of my shatterdness that the God I love and worship is GOOD. 

Starting with the belief that God is good is like pulling back a veil to see how love operates. Beginning with the goodness of God places my heart on the path to comfort, instead of becoming bitter. Understanding that God is good let’s me know that my afflictions are light and momentary. Declaring with my own voice that God is good directs the rudder of my life to follow in His path of righteousness that He lays before me.

The Lord is good to all…that includes YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, and those YOU don’t think DESERVE IT.

 Blessings Love y’all