14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. 15 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared. Ephesians 6:14-15 NLT

Do you agree with this statement? As an American we have the right to say what is on our minds, BUT as a Christian we lay down that right.

Is it passiveness not to comment on issues of division and justice on social media platforms? What filter or grid do you use to vent your frustrations about current event? Most will default to “I have a right to speak my mind” or “I’m just speaking the truth about what just happened”.

Some of you may be getting defensive with me already. I have friends that tell me that Christians are too quiet on some issues (racial), but too noisy on other issues (abortion). Can a pursuit of justice be equally ejudicated for every infraction? Is that the goal for which Christ has commissioned us to accomplish?

When Jesus was on trial that would lead to his crucifixion, he remained quiet to many questions. They were about to execute an innocent man – unjust. Yet, Jesus did not point out all of their wrongs. Even Pilate was stumped to know the truth of the situation. He clearly saw that Jesus could say the words to free himself and stop the injustice that was taking place on his life. Jesus refrained from answering. He endured the pain and the shame which led to his death. Why?

The Gospel of Peace – The Good News of reconciliation with God was His primary mission. His death on the cross and His resurrection were the sacrifice that had to be made on our behalf for the bondage of sin in our lives to be defeated. Jesus had a higher goal than pointing out injustice or showing people how wrong they were. He was seeking and serving to save those who are lost.

So, even with the belt of truth around our waist, we still have shoes fitted with the gospel of peace. Here are a few filters to serve as guidelines for your media commenting.

  • Does the tone of my statement reflect peace or division?
  • Will my comment lead people to desire to be reconciled to God ?
  • How would this media comment be the fulfillment of speaking the truth in love? God is love, if the statement is full of division and hatred toward others, it will not be reflecting God’s love for the world.
  • Does your comment bring honor and glory to the sacrifice of Jesus?
  • The devil does not need an advocate. Which side of the gospel of peace does your comment land upon?
  • Which fruit of the Holy Spirit is being highlighted by your comment?

Our badge is not for protesting, but ambassadors for the gospel of peace. We are pleading and imploring people to be reconciled to God first and foremost.  Sharing the good news is the task for which endure the misrepresentation. The decision of accepting or rejecting Jesus will have an eternal impact. Those who reject Jesus. will do so for eternity. That is very sad.

If it is true that as followers of Jesus, we have one primary job to be a witness to the gospel message of Jesus. How are you doing? How many are you sharing the good news to? Do people accuse you of talking too much about getting saved?  Or does your media dialogue focus primarily on social justice issues?

Words matter. Feet take you to the places of justice and injustice. We do not need to stay isolated away from pain, injustice and hurt. Our communities need us to walk and take the gospel of peace into every sphere of influence that God has given us. People need us to be active in our walking. Just remember to put on shoes of the gospel of peace when you go out the door…or type on social media.

Blessings Love y’all