You have driven my friends away by making me repulsive to them. I am in a trap with no way of escape. My eyes are blinded by my tears. Each day I beg for your help, O Lord;  I lift my hands to you for mercy. Are your wonderful deeds of any use to the dead?  Do the dead rise up and praise you? Interlude Psalm 88:8-10 NIV

Father GodCome now let us reason together, though you sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow

Man Son – Not this time. I feel as if the darkness that I have created is too deep and beyond your forgiveness.

Father God – It is true that walking away from Me leads to darkness. Not that you can actually leave my presence, but I understand the loneliness and fear that darkness presents to you. Know this. My Spirit brooded over the darkness when the Word spoke light and life into it. My Son, the Word, speaks life and light to Me on your behalf.

Man Son – I know that You are all powerful and nothing is too difficult for You. Yet, I am hurting. I see no way forward from the problems  that surround me. Will You bring back my loved one from the dead? Will You reverse the accident? Will You let me win the lottery to remove my financial woes? Have You turned a deaf ear to my plight? Why does it seem like others are your favorites and I keep getting the short end of the stick.

Father God – I draw near to the brokenhearted and that includes you. My Son told you that in this world you will have troubles, but take heart for He is greater than this world. Still, when you are in the middle of pain and despair, I can feel the weight that overwhelms your heart. My path of truth is not always easy. Sometimes the way forward seems clouded or foggy to know the direction of your next step.

Father God – I truly understand the rejection that comes when you feel like the whole world has deserted you and turned its back on you. My Son experienced that feeling all at once from the whole world’s perspective. I turned away! But only for a moment and then it was finished. I tell you this, because there no longer remains a barrier between us.

Father God – Words are important because they are like rudders on a ship directing the flow of your life. Speak My truth and you will experience My presence even in the darkest valley. Knowing I am with you in the valley brings more comfort than just the head knowledge of it. My presence presses upon your spirit that you are loved and not alone. Receive life now! Come forth from the bondages that have wrapped its cords around you. Let my love and truth lead you out of the mire and mess. We only have to take one step in the right direction to begin walking toward your freedom. My Son is the true shepherd, follow Our voice to the place to restore your soul.

Man Son – Though I cannot see what you see, Though I do not understand why all this has happened to me, Though I feel as though I have been unjustly treated, Though some losses may never be regained or restored, Though I have dug my own pit, YET right now I place my trust in You. Where else can I go? You alone have the words of life for my soul.

Father God – May My Spirit bring you comfort in your time of need. May My love enfold you. May you experience the return of the joy of your salvation. May you hear clearly My whispers…I love you!

Whispers from Your Father, God