Therefore, if anyone is in the Messiah, he is a new creation. Old things have disappeared, and—look!—all things have become new! 2 Corinthians 5:17 International Standard Version

When you go into a store to buy car air fresheners, what scent do you purchase? It makes me chuckle inside to know that they have canned or bagged a “new car” scent. It’s true however that a brand new car has a distinct smell that goes with it. In a short amount of time it fades. But the newness of life in Jesus continues.

Creation or creature is the greek word (ktisis). It carries the same connotation of creating from nothing. What was not before , now is. Your life in Christ has come into being. You’ve been born again of the Spirit.

Passed Away – is parēlthen. It means perished or come to an end. Two words are compounded together meaning come along side to its completion. The parsing of this verb is to be noted, Verb – Aorist Indicative Active – 3rd Person Singular. The Aorist tense makes the action in the past. Usually it is an undefined event without including a time period, such as I attended college. But the Indicative mood points to a specific time period occuring in the past. 

Thus the old life perished. When? At the cross, not just when you made a decision to follow Jesus. The permanency of His death, the validation of His experience, the totality of His sacrifice on our behalf all point to a moment in time when our old life perished, passed away, ceased to exist. Your old life died with Christ as His death.

New –  kaina. Fresh, new, novel, original HELPS Word Studies states its usage as “not found exactly like this before.” Your new life is original. just as you were born unique at your physical birth, so also your new birth brings all of the “awe” of new spiritual life.

Your decision to become a follower of Jesus was far more than accepting a set of moral values. According to Ezekiel, at that moment, God took out your stubborn and hard heart and gave you a NEW tender, responsive, spiritual DNA change, heart of flesh. That newness keeps on going into eternity.

On this day, this Monday Mantra, as you awaken to the new mercies of the Lord given to you with abundant measure, live in the newness of life. 

  • Your old way of thinking is past.
  • Your old hurts have been given the grace to move forward. 
  • Your old sins (including the ones committed just yesterday) have been removed as far as the east is from the west. 
  • Your old places of being stuck have been moved out of the mire and mud and been given a firm footing upon the rock which is Jesus. 
  • Your old failures have succumbed to a new identity in Jesus
  • Your old triggers have met their match with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Your old statements of “I can’t because of” have been absorbed in the promise of “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

May God fill you with a renewed hope that can only be found in your connection with Jesus. May you submit your mind’s thoughts to the truths in the Bible. His way is always right, therefore make the adjustments to fall in line with His word. No more But’s! Live in the NEW that Jesus purchased.

Blessings Love y’all