And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you hesitate between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.” But the people did not answer him a word. 1 Kings 18:21 NASB 1977

Elijah stood up in front of all the people and asked them, “How long will you try to have it both ways? If the LORD is God, follow him; if Baal is God, follow him.The people didn’t say a word. 1 Kings 18;21 GOD’S Word translation

Some decisions need an answer now and some don’t. King Saul was instructed to wait for Samuel to come before going into battle. The enemy was drawing closer and the soldiers were about ready to run away. King Saul chose not to wait and performed the sacrifice necessary for them to go into battle. He chose wrong.

In our story today, the people were presented with two very distinct choices, yet they still remained paralyzed. Elijah presented a contest in which God showed up with fire, the people quickly chose to follow God and reject Baal. Good choice.

Do you have some decisions to make today that you have been wavering to make?

Is it time to wait or to act?

Ask these two questions to get you moving in the right direction. 

First, what was the last thing that God spoke to you as it relates to your dilemma? For King Saul, the word to him from God via Elijah was to wait. In the middle of the enemy drawing closer and troops about ready to run, he was to wait.  That’s very hard, but it was the test that God had for King Saul.

What was the last word that God spoke to you? God sometimes remains silent, to allow us the time to follow in obedience. Were you supposed to forgive someone. Were you supposed to do something with your money or possessions? Were you to supposed to readjust your schedule to follow God’s way? What type of obedience did God ask from you, that you have failed to complete?

Second, what is God asking you to do now that requires a faith response? Elijah used the word “follow” twice in his question, yet the people hesitated. Following God requires a faith response. Bring your little faith and trust to God and take one step in the direction of following Him. 

Boldness and faith increase with obedience in following. Boldness does not come first, it follows a faith response. You will not have all of the answers to the impact of your decision to follow Him in faith. It will only be clear about the next step to take to follow him.

Pam and I were walking in the mall and I passed a young man with a boot cast on one leg. I heard God say, “pray for him”. He was walking in the opposite direction going out of the mall. I heard God say it again. I turned quickly before I could talk myself out of it and called out to the young man. I said, “Hey you look like you could use some pray for your leg,” I didn’t even ask if I could pray, I just started a prayer that lasted about 30 seconds. I prayed for quick healing. I said, “God bless you” and I walked away.

On this Fear Not Friday, may God give you the strength to move beyond the paralysis of looking at two opinions and doing nothing. May He give you clarity of His voice needed for choosing which direction to go. May you receive His peace when making the right decision. 

Fear of making a wrong decision is not from God. Receive the peace today to move forward or continue in what God has spoken to you. His way leads to light and life and has no sorrow in it. Let us declare with our mouths the intention to follow Him and may our answer be “yes Lord.”

Blessings Love y’all