The news about Jesus spread quickly throughout the entire region of Galilee Mark 1:28 NLT

The four of us were standing at Penn Station directly under Madison Square Gardens. We had anointed the grounds with oil, but now we wanted to spend a few minutes in prayer or praying for someone. We approached two officers standing in the middle of the walk way.

We introduced ourselves and Tony (the youngest among us) asked if we could pray. They readily accepted our offer. We mentioned being from Tuscaloosa and one officer said that he didn’t know much about Alabama, but he did know Mac Jones. “I am a Patriot’s fan”. We prayed for their families and left. Later we prayed for twenty officers at the NYPD department located in the middle of Times SQ. People were very gracious to receive genuine offers for prayer.

As we sat to eat at the corner of 34th and Broadway besides Macy and under the shadow of the Empire State building we people watched. There were so many different nationalities and people who passed by us. 

At the edge of the street and the open space were Korean Presbyterians with a small sound amplifier box. They were preaching in Korean and English and offering gospel tracts to those who walked by. Father Mike mentioned the love which manifested with one of the speakers. We prayed for all of the churches in NY city to be faithful and encouraged. They have remained diligent to reach out to those in their midst.

We also encountered a lot of other people wanting to share other messages. It is the reason that many people learn to look straight ahead and never catch the eyes of the person approaching. There are too many people to engage…it gets overwhelming.

Yet, in the middle of large crowds, there are divine encounters God can orchestrate. Remember Jesus asked who touched him while walking through a large crowd. One lady touched Jesus with faith to believe she would be healed by doing so. Jesus felt the power of God flow forth to her body in response to her faith gesture. No matter how large the crowd of people…it consists of individuals who each have a story and need for connection with Jesus.

When you daily travel you carry the most important message in the world, reconciliation with God through Jesus’ life, death, burial and resurrection. We will be in NY City today until the afternoon. We will try to make our way to Ground Zero, and then we will start the drive home. Along the way we are believing in God for more divine encounters to share the good news. Praying for you to be bold to share your story of faith in Jesus with those you meet throughout your day. How will they hear unless one be sent?

Blessings Love y’all