Walter Conkrite

On arriving there, they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how he had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles. Acts 14:27 NIV

Trip to New York and Praying for David

Thanks for the prayers for our recent prayer trip to New York City over 9/11. We felt the safety for travel and the incredibly calm sense of direction and timing over our 60 hour adventure. We prayed at specific sites and with people, especially NYP officers who were out in abundance over the weekend. The streets were uncommonly uncrowded from my past trips to NY.

On Saturday we arrived at Ground Zero and the new Freedom Tower at 8:00 am. Only family members of the deceased were allowed to enter the main observance of the 20th year of Remembrance. We got some coffee and decided to enter St Paul’s Cathedral at 8:33. This building survived the implosion while in the shadows of the 9/11 collapse of the Towers. They were having their own Bell of Hope observance at 8:40 when the first plane hit the first towers at 8:46. This church was over 250 years old and President George Washington attended services in the same building the day after his Inauguration.

As we approached the Bull on Wall Street we passed a street vendor selling key chains and other tourist mementos. Mike Paceillo stopped to buy his son Zach a key chain. The four of us struck up a conversation with David. 

He was at ground zero when the attack happened. He shared about running away from the scene and being one of the individuals who was covered in ash. He lost friends on that day and has never returned to Ground Zero in 20 years. In fact, the was the first 9/11 day that he had left his house in 20 years. His wife told him it was long enough and he needed to go out today.

We realized that David was one of our divine appointments. We had traveled from Alabama to meet David who was back on the street for the first 9/11 Remembrance Day’s observance in 20 years. We shared the good news of Jesus with him. We told him of Jesus’ love. He was not ready to become a follower of Jesus on this day, but he allowed us to pray for his emotional healing and for his family. We thanked God for his wife who encouraged him to come out on this day so that we could meet him. With much gratitude he said, “You guys have no idea how much you have helped me today.” We left rejoicing for the privilege to pray for someone still hurting from the disaster. I left him one of my Good News Walking tracts

As we stood at Battery Park, Mike shared that this fort was similar to Texas’s Alamo in which they defended the harbor against the British in the American Revolution. We realized that canon shots were literally fired over our heads at the boats in the harbor for victory. God revealed that a battle was fought and won in this specific spot. We were determined to spend some time voicing battle prayers over the harbor while looking at the Statue of Liberty. We prayed for our nation, for our family members, and for those who needed salvation. We prayed for the tough breakthroughs needed in our own lives. There was a great sense that God heard our prayers and victory was coming. The sky was totally blue, reflecting an open heaven for our prayers to enter the throne room of God. Truly an amazing time to have shared with the other men.

Owr verse today reminds us of the privilege to report the good things which God has done on ministry trips. We felt we were extensions of the body of Christ. We felt many praying for us. We appreciated those who covered us financially and with prayers. More seeds were sown and we believe the fruit is coming.

As Walter Conkrite said as he closed his news broadcast each night years ago, we also say, “and that’s the way it is”

Blessings Love y’all