Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefit Psalm 103:2 NIV


Part of the joy of driving elementary children to school is learning their names. Sometimes I have to find their nickname their parents use to get their attention more quickly. Kids love hearing someone say their name. There is one name I love saying each morning.

She started riding the bus a couple of weeks ago. I smiled when I saw her name added to my list of bus stops.  She stands at the door about to take her first step onto the bus. I smile and say, “Good morning, Miracle!” She replies, “Good morning.”

ln this Psalm, David is writing what he is speaking to himself. Speaking is a reminder to focus on the right things. Words direct your thoughts and influence your expectations. Let’s look at David’s list so you can understand how to apply this principle.

  • Forget not his benefits – David understood his tendency to forget God’s goodness when he was going through trials. He was reminding himself how blessed God was and is to his life.
  • God forgives all your iniquity – David understood shame, embarrassment and depression associated with sin can be totally forgiven. When God cleanse and forgives the judgment of sin is removed.
    • Key – You ask for forgiveness before you feel forgiven. After truly repenting, Give God thanks for His grace to forgive…again.
  • God heals all your diseases. David had seen sickness. He also saw God’s power as in the time he would play worship music and the evil spirits would leave King Saul.
    • Let God’s word lead you and not the discouragement of the illness.
  • God redeems your life from the pit
    • I’ve been in more than one pit in my lifetime. Remembering and speaking God’s character to save, helps me anticipate that God is still working in my life even though the pit gives no hope.
  • Your youth is renewed like the eagle
    • Young men enjoy strength, while old men enjoy wisdom like having to stretch before and after doing work.
    •  Aches and pains should meet the promises of God in your conversations.
  • The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.
    • God cares about injustice and weighs heavily upon people and nations who mistreat the poor among them.
    • With all of the problems facing America and the world…God is still in charge and speaking to the oppressed.

You can see that David understood deep and painful problems. As he remembered God’s answer to each of these problems, hope and joy arose. Remembering and speaking God’s answers allow you to experience His goodness.

On this Fear Not Friday go beyond talking about the problems you are facing. Look at God moving on your behalf. Look at His faithfulness to walk through the fire with you. Look at the rock which He provides to give you a firm place to stand among all of the shifting sand.

May you start your day confessing, “Good Morning Miracle.”

Blessings Love y’all