Illustration by Keith Finley

The one who follows instruction is on the path to life, but the one who rejects correction goes astray. Proverbs 10:17 HCSB

Jimbob Embraces Discipline
Audio blog Jimbob Embraces Discipline

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I got involved in mountain biking. Climbing even the small inclines was a challenge for me, which was frustrating. Even though I love sports, I had not developed the leg muscles needed for the extra push. We both got better.

One other challenge was the narrowness of the trails. There was no grace if you went to the right or the left off of the trail. One side usually had a steep decline and the other had trees waiting to get your flesh imprinted in its bark. The trail had rocks, roots, and sharp curves, but was designed to be followed to complete the course successfully.

Obedience to God’s instructions for life is the best path to follow. Notice King Solomon puts the verse in a present tense ongoing state. He doesn’t say “those who followed”. Correction, discipline and instruction are expected as learning markers to keep you on the best path for life. Those who embrace the corrective pressures will receive the benefits. Like the shaping of clay on the potter’s wheel, pressure is applied to form the clump.

How to Embrace Instruction

  • Stop blaming problems on everyone and everything else. Problems may be part of the correction process. No matter where the origin of the problems, learning comes from asking God what’s next
  • Don’t be mad at the person who gives the instructions even when you don’t agree with it. Be thankful that someone is engaging you.
  • Your flesh  and God’s ways are at war with one another.  It is good to ask yourself and God, why are you struggling to obey or follow instructions? Many times underlying thoughts reveal why you are struggling to obey.
  • Confess the promise of Proverbs 10:17 as true over your life. “Thank You God, I am a person who follows discipline and instruction. I accept and do not reject corrections.”
  • Bless others with a willingness to embrace instruction.  Blessing positions your life to receive blessing. Don’t curse others by saying how hard it is for them to obey. Ask God to help them be pliable and humble to receive correction

May God’s grace be upon your life. You can veer off a path and discipline helps you make the course corrections necessary to follow God’s ways. Don’t get stuck continuously thinking about your veering off the path. Be thankful that God loves you back to fellowship with Him.

Blessings on ya