Cartoon Rabbit Walking by a Raccoon sitting on a log
Hey, Wally, Look at Me Photo by Keith Finley
Saturday Story Time – Jimbob gets the FAQ’s
Audio same storytime as the above video

Today’s Saturday Story Time is for the kids, young and old. I have had several people ask how I make up these stories. So I decided to let Jimbob and Wally ask the questions of Pastor Greg. The Audio and the Video are the same, and I just wanted to include how it looks on my end.

Normally, I write a complimentary blog to the Jimbob story, but today my efforts will be focused on Saturday Story Time. As you will notice, I do only a little editing of the story. Most of my recordings are one take. I don’t want to share too much in this space. You must listen to the audio or watch the video to get the inside scoop.

So thankful for the stories I have had the privilege to share first with my kids, my church, my grandkids, and you, the pastorgregonline faithful.

I’m praying for you.

Blessings, Love y’all