“For the LORD your God will bless you just as He promised.” Deuteronomy 15:6

Monday Mantra – Blessed Just as He Promised

Pam and I are finishing up an early anniversary getaway in Blairsville, GA. We will be celebrating 36 years on Feb 28th.We had several things planned, but decided to slow the pace down and enjoy sunsets, walk the countryside, and do a little antique shopping (not buying). We enjoyed a wonderful meal at Lala’s Latin Kitchen, I mean it was really good.

We have prayed for people everyday of our trip. It started with a random (by chance if you don’t believe God ordains your steps) meeting in Anniston with Agnita Mokiwa and her family at a Chick Fil A restaurant. We have known her family since my day’s in seminary nearly 30 years ago. 

We prayed for the wife of a new winery called Living Waters. Pam felt impressed to pray for this new venture as the couple left 6 figure salaries to bring their 4 children and start this new business. Pam asked one of the workers, “you may think I am crazy, but do you think the owners would let us pray for them?” She quickly agreed knowing the family were followers of Jesus.

She scurried into the kitchen and moments later a young blonde hair lady quickly approached us and said, “No! I don’t think you are crazy, please tell me that you are going to pray over ME.” Being overwhelmed with all of the changes and responsibilities of a new business venture, she asked us to pray for her to find the balance between work, being a wife and now homeschooling her children. Our “ontime” God had us at the right place at the right moment. This picture of the waterfall at sunset was taken at this venue.

Before going home, we found Lala’s Latin Kitchen and decided to give it a try…most of the restaurants were closed. Lala was serving guests in the small cafe which held about 30 people crowded near one another. It was near closing time and Lala sat down next to us for a quick breather. She shared her pilgrimage form Cuba nearly 40 years ago through Spain and into the US. They started this restaurant in 2020 which was on the heels of Covid.

As she was sitting in an empty chair just off to my right shoulder, I felt impressed to pray a blessing pray over her and the business. I placed my hand on her shoulder and leaned toward her so I could voice the prayer quietly to not bring attention to her. I prayed blessings over her business and strength to her body. She thanked us and told Pam, “You have no idea, how much that prayer meant for me tonight.

Last night, I read a coffee table book called Blessing of Hope by Roy Lessin. Near the end of the book, which was very inspiring, I read the following quote. 

For the need you face 
there is a promise
God has spoken. 
And with every promise
God has spoken
there is a provision
that has been made 
to meet that need.
Deuteronomy 15:6  “For the LORD your God
 will bless you just as He promised.”


Please read the quote slowly and aloud. God is not only bigger than any need you face, but He is more infinitely powerful, possesses more wisdom, orchestrates your best outcome, and always walks by your side with tender care and mercy. May the remembrance of God’s blessing cover you like a warm blanket on a cool winter’s evening.

Blessings Love y’all