Cartoon Rabbit Walking by a Raccoon sitting on a log
Hey, Wally, Look at Me Photo by Keith Finley

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22

What do you do to obtain a merry heart? Do you smile, laugh, change your circumstances, or think about good things? Here are three things that work for me; what works for you?

  • Check my gratitude level.
    • I find that a merry heart and thoughts of thanksgiving mix well together.
    • I can find ways to be thankful even when circumstances are not good.
    • It is a conscious decision that I have control over to move my thoughts in the direction I want them to go.
  • I listen to Christian music
    • I play some Christian oldies like Chuck Girard’s “Sometimes Alleluia.”
    • I listen to current worship music like Bethel and Maverick City
    • I sing with the music, which is another conscious decision I control.
  • In prayer, I recognize that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than mine.
    • My spirit regains hope when I exercise faith to believe that God has a plan beyond my crisis.
    • Prayer is good on all occasions.
    • Prayer is an activity I can control which keeps me connected to listening to the Holy Spirit.

Notice all three activities were a choice I made to do something to move my heart to a place of happiness. Good friends can also help a broken spirit to be nurtured back to health.

That’s part of my list of activities to maintain a merry heart. I will add, also sharing Jimbob and Wally stories with you and my grandchildren makes me happy.

May God bless you this day with a merry heart. It’s the best-tasting medicine on the planet.

Blessings Love y’all