youre invitedWhen you sit down to dine with a ruler, note well what (or who) is before you. Proverbs 23:1 NIV

Have you ever been invited to a meal and the whole time you keep thinking, “what’s the catch?” Then, here it comes, “well the reason I wanted to meet with you is…” Why does food or a meal have to be used for the bait and switch (Adam and Eve missed this verse)?

Don’t get stuck on the word “ruler”. Most of us will not have the opportunity to eat with government officials or the “really important people”, but some of you will, and some of you are “that person”.  Yet, all of us will interact with our boss, professor, or others who are authorities over us in our circle of influence.

Who do you invite to lunch? Jesus suttley addressed this issue, when he instructed his disciples to invite people to a meal who could not return the favor. What “issue”? Using a meal for a “secret” purpose. Using a meal for an unfair advantage as if the person would now “owe”  you something. You don’t have to ruin a good sales pitch, but at least let the person know the context of the meeting. Something like this, “At the end of our meal, I am going to ask to you to partner with me in a new endeavor”.

Is there someone you need to have a meal with to “catch up”, “restore relationship”, or communicate “appreciation” for the role they have in your life? Most people are waiting for someone to “invite” them to a meal. Be different. Be the intentional inviter. Meals are for developing intimate relationships (the family meal) and pleasant memories.

Blessings Love y’all.