his-sheep-know-his-voice My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me John 10:27 NIV

While taking the youth group to Six Flags over Georgia, I lost Jonathan, he was three.  I had to help a youth get through the gates and Mr. Confident Jonathan just decided to go on into the park by himself.  I told another youth to watch him…but that was not his kid…he was mine. It didn’t take long. I had the frantic look of a parent and others kept pointing me in the direction of a lone child. When he finally heard my voice, he turned around with a look that said, “what’s wrong.”

Jesus calls us sheep and He is our shepherd. He says “my sheep know my voice.”  What does His voice sound like to you? If you have problems “hearing what He is saying”, how will you know where to follow Him?

This morning I just want to ask a series of questions.  These should be the questions that we would answer for a new believer.  Probably one of the most important things to teach them…how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit sharing what Jesus is saying.

  • What does the Holy Spirit sound like to you?
  • How do you distinguish His voice from your conscience?
  • When you are reading the Bible, can you tell when He is highlighting the words for your to obey?
  • What does His voice of correction sound like? (many have a hard time with this one, because of poor correction from their parents)
  • Do you feel comfortable asking God questions, and expecting Him to answer?
  • How does disobedience to follow His guidance, affect your ability to hear Him?
  • Does every believer have the ability to hear the Holy Spirit speak? In what ways do you think a child can hear Him?
  • What guardrails do you have in place to make sure that what you are hearing is from the Holy Spirit?

Find someone to talk through these questions. Really listen to their resposonse.  You will be amazed at the consistencies and the differences.

Blessing  Love y’all