To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul. Psalm 25:1 ESV

There are few things that we can offer to God that carry any weight. We can offer him money, but he owns it all. We can offer our intellect, but who is wise like our God. We can offer him our position of power and importance, but He is the King of all Kings. However, King David knew that he could offer up his LIFE

Just a little Hebrew. David addresses God first as YWHW which is the title that God spoke to Moses when he asked for God’s name. God spoke to Moses and said tell them, “I am that I am” has sent you. Names are important. Whatever the crisis that David was facing he needed to know that God was bigger than his problem and that God was presently engaged. Take a moment when you begin your prayers to understand the majesty of the one to whom you are addressing.

Next, the word “lift” is nasa pronounced “nawsah”. It means to carry, bear or lift up. A form of worship is to “lift up” our praise, so also David is prophetically lifting up His life to God. Do you think David lifted his hands as he sang this Psalm to express the desire of his heart?

The word soul is the same word that was used when Adam received God’s breath…he became a living being (a soul). Without God’s breath…there is no life.

Wrapping it up. David in his mind’s eye and with his words offers God his life. All petitions that follow for the rest of the Psalm start from this perspective. That sounds like a pretty good way to start our day…offering God all of ME.

Blessings Love y’all