IMG_1818Now He (Jesus) had to pass through Samaria. John 4:4 NIV

Jesus experienced life at a much slower pace than we do…He walked from one location to another, except for the times when He took a boat across the sea of Galilee. How did He know where to go next?

From His baptism, we know that the Spirit would direct Him. In that case, He was led into the desert where He overcame the temptations of Satan. At times His future events were fully given to him, such as His repeated sharing that He would be betrayed and rise again in three days. But for the most part, as a human with limitations, He just obeyed the impressions for the next step (literally). Then His Father’s plan would be realized as He encountered the needy and hurting.

Sometimes we are led into places, situations, circumstances that we just don’t want to experience. Jesus, a Jewish man, understood the racially charged environment that Samaria held for Him. He would also experience the socially cultural risk of a man talking openly with a woman who also had an indecent past. Yet, he had to pass through Samaria.

Make the decision to daily follow the Spirit’s leading. TRUST Him. He will take you through some valleys, some desert experiences, some uncomfortable encounters with people, and some disappointments (a place where dependency deepens). However, may you, like Jesus, also experience the Ah Ha moment of knowing why you are sitting by a well in the middle of Samaria.

Blessings Love ya’ll