th (25)Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalms 34:6 NIV

My child, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. When I knit you in your mother’s womb, I fashioned and formed you with incredible capabilities. I desired for you to value what is good and gave you the ability to interact with this world through your five senses. Blessed are the ones who find Me.

Thomas said he would only truly believe if he could touch My Son after He was resurrected. There are those who trust what they can feel with their hands. These are gifted to create, build, sew, craft, plant, carve, or assemble. There is a realm that is unseen and for the moment untouchable. Blessed are those who have not yet been able to touch My Son, and yet they believe whole heartedly.

Taste has been corrupted from the beginning in the garden when Adam and Eve chose to eat from the forbidden tree. You spend your money on bread that does not bring satisfaction. There are those who drink or take substances to take them away from their world of stress only to land face down at its door of mounting trouble. Sweet for the moment is not worth the exchange.

Food is so good and I created you to enjoy it. But it is temporary. My Son told you about the food that you know not of. It is a plate of “following My lead”. I have so many good things for you to enjoy that I serve to you. Even the vegetables of discipline are good and yes, you will have to eat them.

Do you want to know about the best part about tasting and eating this food that I serve? It tastes great, you can’t eat too much of it, it leaves you with that warm satisfaction of “yum”, and there is still a hunger for more. 

You can find this food in My Word. Ask Me to feed you daily. Look for those things that nourish your soul. Hold on to that which is good. Don’t eat the bread of painful labors, rather be yoked with Me and learn from Me about what is truly good.

May you be blessed with your going in and your coming out. May your kneading bowl be filled and your gardens produce to overflowing. I love to bring blessing to your life and see you enjoy this world that I have created. May all those blessings lead you to Me the true source of life and what is good.

Whispers from your Father, God