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Whoever walks in uprightness fears the LORD, but he who is devious in his ways despises him. Proverbs 14:1 ESV

Sometimes when we read the wisdom of Solomon it sounds like he is giving us the perspective of the rearview mirror. He is telling us what he has just witnessed. His observations are correct, but the scene is already past. We have little to do, but acknowledge that the occurrence did indeed happen. We are unable to go back and change the outcome. How do we apply the truth moving forward? How does the wisdom of a principle of a past action help me make decisions ( many of which I continue to choose wrongly) for the future?

The translators of the Contemporary English Version have given some helpful insight to this process. “By living right, you show that you respect the LORD; by being deceitful, you show that you despise him.” CEV. Choosing the words “living” and “being” puts the context into the immediate present. As you read the word, meditate on bringing the application into your present time reality.

For the follower of Christ, we have two main guardrails to keep us on the right path. Interestingly, the word devious means literally to stray or vere off the path and figuratively to live perversely, but those who follow God stay on the right path. His Word is the first revelation for our understanding of following Him rightly. Very simply ask yourself if the action that you are about to take is “in agreement with the truths in God’s word”. If it is not, then change what you are about to say or do.

The Holy Spirit is given to the follower of Christ to help reveal the truth of the moment. Learn to follow His lead. Learn to appreciate the gentle whispers that nudge us into the direction that we should go. Acknowledge often your dependency upon him instead of relying upon your own wisdom. Jesus said that it was better that He was going away, because He would send the comforter who will be with us and guide us. He is always in your present situations.

May your rearview observations over your life be filled with a straight path that avoided pitfalls because of the guidance from the Word and the Spirit.

Blessings Love Y’all