depositphotos_50654797-stock-photo-two-young-men-talking-toNews about him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee. Mark 1:28 NIV

September of my sophomore year in college was a beautiful time to take one more stroll around campus late at night. I saw another student walking toward me with the intent of asking a question. He had the look of a bewildered freshman. The conversation moved very quickly toward a spiritual direction and he shared his testimony with me. As he completed his story of Jesus finding him as a teenager, his countenance changed to sure joy. 

He said to me, “I had made a commitment to God that I would share about Jesus everyday with someone. It was late at night and I still hadn’t found a person to share the good news of my story. I decided to make one more venture into the night. And I found you. Praise God for His faithfulness to help me keep my commitment.” I was amazed at his hunger and passion to share his faith.

The news about Jesus spread quickly throughout the whole region – it’s not that complicated a task.

  • Remember the details of Jesus changing lives. It may be your own story that you get to share. Perhaps, you saw how God was answering prayers for someone else that you know, you can share their story.  This is not limited to physical healing, although those stories are true also. A pastor friend, Woody, says often, “This is true, you just can’t make this stuff up that is happening.”
  • Make yourself available to God in the morning. Submit your calendar and “to do’s” for the day to his guidance. Recognize that He can lead in any direction that He chooses and you will follow.
  • Ask for eyes to see those you can talk with and ears to hear those around you, Ask for awareness to see those who you can share a story of hope found in Jesus. Trust that the Holy Spirit is talking with you and that you have the capacity to be led by Him to those who need your story.
  • Simple and truthful responses are better than canned answers. “Once I was blind” is a story repeated again and again because of the truth and honesty of the event when Jesus healed him.
  • The laborers are few – be one of them. Jesus will lead you to those who are white in the harvest.
  • Daily answers to your prayers are a simple message of God’s continued interaction in your life. What are you asking for God to do in your life, that only He can accomplish? Pray bold prayers and then share with others the good things that Jesus does.
  • Be vulnerable. Best stories include an openness to share your needs or weakness of the moment. Others are in similar needs, being open and honest about your struggles invites them to ask the question. “I wonder if God would also help me?”

It is easy to share with another person about the intimacy and gratefulness that exist between you and God. Ask God to stir into flame your passion to tell others about him. It may be late at night, but God could send someone across your path.

Blessings Love y’all