How many are your works, Lord!  In wisdom you made them all;  the earth is full of your creatures. Psalm 104:24 NIV

The Earth is Full – Another Whisper

Out of nothing, I brought life. Line upon line, precept upon precept, the order of creation was formed to sustain life…your life. Life is in the breath, when the breath ceases your frame returns to dust, but your spirit lives on.

I established the moon to govern the seasons, the sun to rule the day. I provide food to the sparrow and the lizard is found in palaces. When you take the time to contemplate the majesty of the order in creation you will find Me. All that I created, I affirmed as good and that includes you.

Look at the flowers of the field, I clothe them in splendor while you are sleeping. They know when to sprout, grow, blossom and replenish. Seed time and harvest are dependent upon the rains and you need the fruit of the ground to survive. I established this order.

The miracle of the birth of a newborn is a majestic event to behold. The child carries the identity of both parents. My image was stamped upon Adam and Eve and remains upon all human beings. I see aspects of My Spirit, My Son and Myself in you. You were formed and fashioned with a capacity and desire for a relationship with Me.

If you seek Me, you will find Me. Creation groans for the curse of sin to be removed. This includes the sin in your own life. My Son, can blot out your transgression and make you find the source of the true bread of life and living water. Come to Me and let me wash you clean.

May you see the world with My eyes. May you be filled with wisdom and appreciation for the home I have established for My children. May you and I walk in step with one another. May you hear My voice calling to you, I love you.

Whispers from Your Father, God.